Beat LA Lakers Live Update: Lakers 75, Nuggets 62

Yup, its over. In the 3rd quarter, Bynum woke up from his slumber and just decimated the puny Nuggets defense. Officially raising the white flag for the road warriors tonight. Lakers usually do well at home on Fridays anyways, except for that rare loss exactly one week ago to the Rockets. Those were the days.

And Ramon Sessions is once again contributing some nice minutes on the floor, albeit his 3 TOs.

Beat LA Lakers Live Update: Lakers 54, Nuggets 48

Sadly, Lakers are playing brilliant basketball once again, up 6 with two minutes plus remaining. They were up by 12+ earlier in the 2nd quarter, until the Nuggets started off on a little run.

Metta World Peace is killing it again. Leading the Lakers with 12 pts, plus 2 assists, and 2 steals. I really don’t want to hear Laker fans complain about MWP anymore. He’s amazing, terrific, and frightening to the opponents. MWP is hitting his 3s at an alarming rate, 2-4 so far in this game.

I’m close to calling it for Denver. I was close to raising the white flag earlier in the quarter, until their run. Denver has no inside game, and they’re not using their quickness and outside shooting. And they can’t stop MWP. Heading towards a loss real soon for the blue visitors.

Even Matt Barnes is hitting his 3s. Yuck.

East Coast Take: April 13, 2012 GChat

10:55 AM
how garbage are the angels? i knew they weren’t going to be any good

and now they have pujols for 10 years

10:55 AM
10:56 AM
wow that was a close play at first

might’ve been the right call too

10:58 AM
Btw, i’m terrified at the Yanks now. They are the reincarnation of the 1998 yanks. Same 0-3 start, same Kentucky championship. I’m about one more Yankee sweep away from not following the MLB season

it could all add up
10:59 AM

i think so

there’s really nobody better overall than the yanks

the rangers basically killed their chances when they signed nathan


apparently, he’s not good when they use him back to back

wtf is that? you’re a closer

you should go back to back to back

not if you’re team doesn’t win much
11:00 AM
then it’s not an issue

the rangers will win a ton
11:01 AM
nathan has already started to look shakey because he went back to back

so what’s Feliz, the setup man?
11:02 AM

they changed him


all these relievers want to be failed starters
11:03 AM
yup, i think feliz is doing okay so far, but yeah, he’ll probably suck too

there’s only one Wainwright, all the other converted guys suffer
11:04 AM
Its comical to me how the same thing happens year after year. Just because you sign two FA doesn’t mean you’re a 95 win team.

I think in history, the only time that worked was the 1997 Marlins, and they were a wild card team
11:05 AM
that won the WS in game 7

Heck, I think the Mariners have the best shot at the AL West title. The Rangers shot themselves in the foot with the Nathan signing and the Angels are so overrated
11:07 AM
I can’t believe its still 3-0, it feels like it should be 6-0 right now.

11:08 AM
another bad call. I mean you rarely see it called, but Aybar just bunted for a basehit but both his feet were completely out of the batter’s box

yeah, bad call for sure. Congrats on four in a row. Plus, Kuroda, O ER, starting to come into shape
Sent at 1:09 PM on Friday

Oh goodness, 8 IP, only 5 hits? Kuroda is back

Yeah not bad

I think he should just skip his next start in Tampa
He’s better in real MLB stadiums, not that garbage dome in Tampa
Sent at 1:12 PM on Friday

Pujols, 2 RBI, .300 OBP, laughable

Lakers dominate without Kobe: Lakers 98, Spurs 84

What a disgusting game. I tuned in at 5:30PM hoping to watch a complete destruction at the hands of the mighty Spurs but that’s not what happened. Once again, the Lakers win without Kobe Bryant. Throughout his career, the Lakers have had virtually the same winning percentage with or without Kobe. Heck, when the Lakers went up by 20, I sure missed Kobe’s penchant for turnovers and forced shots.

What the hell happened in this game? Well, Metta World Peace went crazy, hitting trey after trey. Ever since the All-Star game, MWP has completely rejuvenated his career. He’s playing like one of the top 20 players right now, and I’m really scared at what that means for the Lakers moving forward.

And Bynum? Man, is this guy the best Center in the league? He dominated the Spurs front line, grabbing an astounding 30 rebounds in this game.

The only two Western Conference teams capable of beating LAL in the playoffs is OKC and Memphis. Historically, the Lakers have beaten up on the Spurs year after year in the playoffs, except for 2003 and 1999 (the Kurt Rambis season). If and when the Lakers meet the Spurs in Round Two, its going to be an easy cakewalk over the overrated Spurs. They are only good in the regular season but will fold in the playoffs. I don’t even think they’ll win one vs. LA this season, to be honest. Kobe’s coming back in a few more days, and he’s as big a Spur killer as there is.

East Coast Take: April 11, 2012 GChat

12:25 PM
1-5, red sox should hire joe torre to fix their team

12:26 PM
wow they lost again


so this is a good sign, they’ll dominate from May to Aug

hey, are you ready for some soriano tonight?

definitely no mariano or robertson after 3 in a row

oh damn, good point

12:27 PM
I heard Soriano got a hang nail or something

haha, man

they should send Mariano down to bring up some fresh arms

12:28 PM
I bet cashman brings up soriano whenever he has an argument w/ hal and hank


but then they’ll bring up Feliciano


just kidding, nobody remembers who he is

12:29 PM
is he even in the yankee yearbook?

i bet not


12:30 PM
his contract was so horrible, nobody even discusses it

yeah, right

0 pitches for 2 years

it’s like someone having cancer, you try not to bring it up

12:31 PM
right, haha

is he even rehabbing?

i don’t even think he’s trying to come back


East Coast Take: April 8, 2012 Podcast

Jeff (NYC) and Frank (Vancouver) discuss:

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  • the ridiculous Mets start (3-0)
  • Ortiz’ shockingly amazing batting average
  • Carlos Pena’s career stats against the Yanks
  • Citi Field moving in the fences for Jason Bay
  • whether Lucas Duda or Arod will hit more homers
  • ESPN’s nasty factor for pitchers
  • Carmelo’s Anthony resurgence
  • and the surprising Knicks win over the Bulls at MSG

  • April 8, 2012 Podcast

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