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I am a diehard Met fan, and have been every since 1988. That’s right, I came on board two years after 1986, their last World Series championship season.

I became a Met fan in ’88 because my family had just moved to Staten Island the year before in August, 1987. I was immediately thrown into a very Met friendly borough in Shaolin, and we moved into NYC right after the highs of 1986. Plus, the Yankee owner was a doofus who made dumb headlines in the Daily News, was constantly firing Billy Martin and had a last place team in 1990. So, yes I became a Met fan, but I bought damaged goods. It’s kinda like a young bride quickly finding out after her honeymoon period that her rich husband is a cheating scoundrel. And with me, I never saw 1986, but instead endured 1988. Man, those Dodgers games in the NLCS still haunt me. What a way to start a fanhood.

The year before we moved to S.I., my family lived in Alhambra, California. We were in heart of Lakerland, and all three of us, my two older brothers plus I, became infatuated with the 1986-87 Lakers. That was a tremendous season, and we were all hooked to become lifelong Laker fans, well, not really.

My two older brothers stayed on board the Lakershow, but only my middle brother became a nut. My oldest brother likes baseball more, and I think is not a huge fan of the NBA these days, outside of the Finals.

But with me, I jumped off the Lakeshow bandwagon in 2004. I realized I wasn’t a Laker fan anymore because I secretly enjoyed watching the Pistons trash the Lakers in the 2004 Finals. I was so sick of the Shaq-Kobe-Phil squabbles that I wanted the Lakers to go down.

Back in the 1990′s, my family lived in NYC. This was pre-internet, pre-NBA package, so it was impossible for me or my brothers to follow the Lakers everyday. In fact, we were temporarily Knick fans because we liked Pat Riley, who was the coach of our favorite showtime Laker teams.

But when Shaq signed with the Lakers in 1996, I immediately jumped on board back to being a Laker fan. When the Lakers dumped Shaq to Miami in 2004, I moved my fanhood along to South Beach. In the NBA, because I never got indoctrinated into one specific team, it became easy for me to just adopt teams along the way based on how much I liked or hated a particular player. I hate Kobe, so I hate the Lakers.

Truthfully speaking, in the last three years I have mainly been rooting for teams playing against Kobe and the Lakers. Sadly, only the Celtics in 2008 were able to knock off the mighty Kobe/Gasol combo.

For the upcoming 2010-11 season, I’m pretty psyched to see what LeBron and Wade are going to do together in Miami. I’m already a huge Wade fan, and it’ll be amazing to see Wade play alongside LeBron and just dominate the league. I’m also a huge Durant guy, but I think he needs another big time player to top Miami.