The Spurs are up by 2, but heading towards another garbage Lakers victory. The Lakers will pull it out somehow, even if they’re down by 8 with 5 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter. They’ll get it done.

Duncan is old man. He tried to go one-on-one vs. Gasol in the 2nd quarter and got rejected. Gasol came back on the other end and scored on Duncan with a layup.

The officials are cheating again and just gave the Lakers an easy 2 points when the ref was rushed by Steve Blake into an extremely fast inbound pass. The ref played hot potato and just threw away the basketball in about half a second after he caught it.

The Lakers are playing with so much confidence and greatness, that it gave Kobe this huge grin throughout most of his time on the bench. I haven’t seen Kobe this happy since they won the 2010 NBA Finals.