I hate to be right so often but I was again correct today about the outcome of the Lakers-Mavericks contest. I predicted the Lakers would win this game, and win they did. Media darling Delonte West had a terrific first half, but overall had a negative impact on the game, finishing with a -5, which was the difference in the game.

Bynum shrugged off an awful start to finish with a Lakers game high of 23 points and 16 rebounds. The real reason the Lakers won today was because they played like a team. Without Kobe, they spread the scoring, with three starters topping 20+ points, plus another outstanding effort from my MVP Metta World Peace, who added 18 points. He’s become the best defensive player in the league again, just stripping opponents ball at will, as MWP displayed when he just took the candy out of Jason Kidd’s hands in the 3rd quarter.

I stopped watching the game when the score was 62-60 Mavs because I could see the signs of another amazing Lakers comeback. These guys are for real and are my favorites to win the West. Its going to be a Chicago-LA 1991 Finals rematch with the Bulls winning the title in 6 games.

The Lakers are 4-1 without Kobe in the lineup with very impressive wins over the Spurs and Mavs. Is there any doubt the Lakers are better without Kobe? There’s not a shred of doubt in my mind the Lakers could win a title without Kobe, as they did in 2010, when they won game 7 despite Kobe shooting 6-24.

Its really a sad day for Lakers haters. They have regained their mojo and are now the team to beat in the West. There’s really no point for me to watch another regular season Lakers game until Kobe returns. The Lakers will go undefeated without Kobe for the rest of the regular season. The 3rd seed is sealed for the Lake show.