1. Lakers own Dallas: Since getting swept by the eventual NBA Champs Mavs in the semi-finals last season, the Lake show has completely owned Dallas, winning the first three games this season. I fully expect LA to sweep the season series, and go 4-0 against Dallas.

2. Bynum and MWP: Since Kobe’s departure, Bynum has stepped up his game and played like the best Center in the league. MWP has found his fountain of youth and is unguardable in the post and dangerous from the three-point line. Combine MWP’s strong offensive game with his shutdown defensive play, and you got a top 20 NBA player in MWP.

3. No Kobe equals Victory: Lakers sure like to win when the Kobester sits out. They are 3-1 without their Captain and have historically been just as good winning percentage wise without Kobe in the lineup.

4. Jeff Caplan and Andy Kamenetzky, bloggers for their beloved Mavs and Lakers teams, both predicted that the Mavs will win this game outright. That’s an omen right there. These bloggers are still talking about the impact of Delonte West’s defense on the Lakers guards. I’m pretty sure Ramon Sessions will shred West to pieces should the Mavs be foolish enough to try that matchup. Even Ebanks will be a tough matchup for West because of Devin’s height and strength as a natural three.