We want tacos!” That’s what I would be saying if I were in the imposing Staples Center. Lakers are now 3-1 without Kobe and again dominated the majority of the game.

Sure, the Nuggets got my hopes up when they made it 91-90 with 2:53 remaining, only to have Matt Barnes rip my heart out in three consecutive possessions. He made a three with the shot clock running out, hit 1/2 from the FT, then a dagger of a shot with 1:29 that finished off the Nuggets. Tonight, Barnes was on fire from the 3 point line (4-4), he didn’t miss even one attempt from 3.

Bynum finished with 30 pts, 8 rebounds and it looked like he barely broke a sweat.

Its time to anoint Bynum as the man on the Lakers and change Kobe’s role to the second fiddle. Lakers minus Kobe are more fun to watch and more devastating to their meek opponents.