Sadly, Lakers are playing brilliant basketball once again, up 6 with two minutes plus remaining. They were up by 12+ earlier in the 2nd quarter, until the Nuggets started off on a little run.

Metta World Peace is killing it again. Leading the Lakers with 12 pts, plus 2 assists, and 2 steals. I really don’t want to hear Laker fans complain about MWP anymore. He’s amazing, terrific, and frightening to the opponents. MWP is hitting his 3s at an alarming rate, 2-4 so far in this game.

I’m close to calling it for Denver. I was close to raising the white flag earlier in the quarter, until their run. Denver has no inside game, and they’re not using their quickness and outside shooting. And they can’t stop MWP. Heading towards a loss real soon for the blue visitors.

Even Matt Barnes is hitting his 3s. Yuck.