What a disgusting game. I tuned in at 5:30PM hoping to watch a complete destruction at the hands of the mighty Spurs but that’s not what happened. Once again, the Lakers win without Kobe Bryant. Throughout his career, the Lakers have had virtually the same winning percentage with or without Kobe. Heck, when the Lakers went up by 20, I sure missed Kobe’s penchant for turnovers and forced shots.

What the hell happened in this game? Well, Metta World Peace went crazy, hitting trey after trey. Ever since the All-Star game, MWP has completely rejuvenated his career. He’s playing like one of the top 20 players right now, and I’m really scared at what that means for the Lakers moving forward.

And Bynum? Man, is this guy the best Center in the league? He dominated the Spurs front line, grabbing an astounding 30 rebounds in this game.

The only two Western Conference teams capable of beating LAL in the playoffs is OKC and Memphis. Historically, the Lakers have beaten up on the Spurs year after year in the playoffs, except for 2003 and 1999 (the Kurt Rambis season). If and when the Lakers meet the Spurs in Round Two, its going to be an easy cakewalk over the overrated Spurs. They are only good in the regular season but will fold in the playoffs. I don’t even think they’ll win one vs. LA this season, to be honest. Kobe’s coming back in a few more days, and he’s as big a Spur killer as there is.