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Motion Man – High School Reunion feat. Lyrical C

I am super excited about the new Motion Man LP Adult Situations. Its his strongest work to date, and possible hiphop album of the year.

The beats by Jethroe & Unagi are phenomenal.

Motion Man – High School Reunion feat. Lyrical C

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Tracasseur: LBCK about to release the “Start” EP

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October 4 LBCK will release their EP “Start” on On The Fruit Records almost everywhere (iTunes, Beatport and so on). We featured the great “Start” back in July along with the fine and colourful video. But it’s as good that it should be re-posted:

On the EP there are a bunch of excellent remixers joining LBCK’s release. What do you say about names like Fare Soldi, The Phantom’s Revenge, Bit Funk, Moonchild, and la ZEBRA? Yep, thought so, this release will be something extra. LBCK are also kind to give you guys two of the fine remixes of “Start” in high quality. So nice of them that you absolutely should buy the whole “Start” EP on October 4.

LBCK – Start (Fare Soldi Alla Frutta Remix)

LBCK – Start (The Phantom’s Revenge Daily Double Remix)

via Tracasseur: LBCK about to release the “Start” EP.

Possibility of a Yankees Collapse

The Yankees are seven games ahead of Boston, with 17 games left to play. The Yanks are eerily in the exact same situation as Mets were in 2007, when the Mets were up seven with 17 left to play.

The Yanks have a tough road ahead of them. After tonight’s rubber game against the Rays, they got 3 @ O’s, 4 vs. Rays, 3 vs Sox, 3 @ Jays, and 3 @ Bos. Not an easy road.

The O’s will make the old veteran Yankees work hard and stretch their old bones to beat them, and that’s if the Yankees could win two out of three. The seven in a row against the Rays and Sox will be war. Then to finish in TO, and fly to Boston? Wow, it’s going to get ugly.

Every game out will be hotly contested because all of their opponents have the weapons and the motivation. The O’s will be three ugly, hard fought contests either way. I’m betting the O’s take at least two games, if not more.

Their last home stand of the season will make or break them. If the Yanks do something ugly like 1-6, it’s very likely that they won’t even make the post season after such a stellar start.

The Red Sox have six more games with the Yanks and Boston sure could sweep all of them. The three games at the TO Skydome will most definitely be high scoring games. The Blue Jays can bomb and the Yankee staff is comprised mainly of fastball pitchers. Yummy.

September 11, 2010 Mix

  1. Fatlip – What’s Up Fatlip
  2. MED – Candlelight (feat. Queen Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  3. Prodigy of Mobb Depp – To The Top
  4. Jamiroquai – White Knuckle Ride
  5. Everything But the Booty – Corcovado [Ben Watt Vocal Re-edit]
  6. Bent – Always (Ashley Beedle’s Mahavishnu Remix)
  7. Cru – Just Another Case featuring Slick Rick
  8. Fatlip – First Heat
  9. Freddie Gibbs – The Ghetto
  10. Roc C – Ora ft. Queen Anne Muldrow

FatLip – Story behind The Pharcyde’s “Oh Shit”

“I ended up telling people this story but I’ve always edited that part out. Because that was just too, some shit, you know. A man sucked my dick, alright. A man sucked my dick” .

The Pharcyde – Oh Shit

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Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York: Fran on NYC

here’s another older interview I recently stumbled upon, this one from 2002 with Fran Lebowitz in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.

FL: As soon as you had a magazine called New York you had all these journalists who had to constantly write about New York. So eventually they would seek out things that they never could have come across on their own–like restaurants and places to go and ways of life–and start to write about them. And they turned these things upside down, so these things became open to the public, hence, boring and unauthentic. And eventually, the entire city became like that. There would be a club that no journalist in a million years would know about. Then one would find out about it, write about it, and ruin it. And then you’d go to another one and keep escaping these journalists. Then people starting opening clubs with an eye to being written about, so it was never a club you wanted to go to.

TB: New York has become one huge press release.

FL: That’s why New York is boring.

TB: Which is why you live here.

FL: I live here because when I got here it wasn’t boring.

TB: Do you long for the old days?

FL: Absolutely. I wouldn’t move here now. I used to work a little bit to pay my little rent. I used to drive a cab until the exact moment my rent was paid and then stop. I never wanted to have any extra money, if it meant having to have any extra work. Now there’s now way you can live in Manhattan and drive a cab. To move to Manhattan, you have to have a rich father. The kids who come here are either rich or are moving here to make money in business, which is a dull kind of kid anyway.

via Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York: Fran on NYC.

Picture of the Day « Bio Break

Picture of the Day « Bio Break.

Mephiskapheles – The Bumble Bee Tuna Song

“The best tuna in the sea is the tuna we call bumble bee”

Mephiskapheles – The Bumble Bee Tuna Song

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Derek Jeter’s Preferential Treatment

Derek Jeter’s future contract with the Yankees has been speculated by some to be 50-60 million around 3-4 years. The Yankees have cash and it sounds like their are going to open up their vaults to Number Two, Derek Jeter.

I’ve seen Jeter’s entire career, starting from 1995, and he has gotten the most preferential treatment of any baseball player in history. Now mind you, Jeter’s career stats are significantly south of truly great Yankees like Ruth, Gehrig, and Mantle, just to name a few. Yet, Jeter’s been treated like he is greater than all three of them combined.

When Alex Rodriguez came to the Yankees, he was the reigning AL MVP, and reigning Gold Glove at SS. Yet, A-Roid was forced to move to 3B to play an entirely new position. This strange arrangement was done to accommodate Jeter, as a sign of respect to the Yankee captain if you want to think of it like that.

Getting the greatest (steroid) player of its generation to change positions is not really the normal thing that happens in pro sports. Usually, merit trumps loyalty. When the NY Mets got Mike Piazza, they didn’t ask him to change positions because they already had a catcher in Todd Hundley. But when it involved the almighty great Jeter, the same merit based standards were not applied to him. Perhaps Jeter is so sensitive, that the Yankees knew it would be a massive ego hit to Jeter if they asked him to move to another position. You would think that if Jeter was such a great leader and cared so much about winning, he would consider moving over to 3B to accommodate A-Roid, who was clearly a much better player than he was.

Jeter’s entire resume is built on the fact that he has multiple championships and that he is a great leader. Yet his offensive numbers are not all that exciting to look at. I’ll give him a ton of credit for consistently putting up .300 BA / 100 R per season. I mean sure he’s consistent, but so was Craig Biggio.

Jeter’s statistical achievements are largely team based. His teams have won a ton of games, but wins are totally a team stat. Jeter has also scored a ton of runs in his career, yet runs are another kind of team stat. The way I look at runs is that I split the credit 50/50. 50% goes to the runner, the other 50% goes to its teammates. It’s that simple. Do you really think Jeter would have scored as many runs on the Mets, playing for a shitty franchise, in a pitcher’s park? Not likely.

Its assumed by many that Jeter deserves a fat new contract just because he is a lifelong Yankee. Bernie Williams was also a lifelong Yankee, yet when his skills were diminishing, Cashman couldn’t wait to get rid of Bernie. All Bernie wanted was a roster spot, the 25th man on the team. All Bernie got was an invitation to the Minor Leagues. Bernie’s impact on the Yankees in the 1990s was significantly more important than Jeter’s, yet Bernie never got any preferential treatment whatsoever.

Last season, Damon was 36 and wanted to stay as a Yankee. Sure, Damon didn’t have Jeter’s seniority, but Damon was an important key cog of the 2009 championship team, especially in the postseason. Yet, Cashman determined that Damon was too old and his offensive production would decline significantly. Cashman dangled a shitty one year deal to Damon, and then soon moved on to his favorite Nick Johnson, an often injured player who again is out for the season.

Now Jeter is also 36 and he is having his worse season at the plate in 2010. Yet with Jeter, nothing is made about his ridiculously overpaid 22.6 million deal with the Yankees in 2010. According to Cashman, Jeter’s crappy offensive production should be blamed on his age (same as Damon). Since Jeter is only seven months younger than Damon, a tidy ten million for one year sounds about right.

Megadeth – Skin O’ My Teeth

“This is a song about how times I’ve tried to kill myself but just couldn’t get the fucking job done”.

Megadeth – Skin O’ My Teeth

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