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Lakers are too good, Favorites to win Championship

Down by 11 with 4 minute left? Down 17 in the 4th quarter? No problem. 2OT? No problem, they just win regardless of the circumstances. These are traits of a champion. They are able to pull out garbage wins left and right. The Lakers, even without their best defensive player, showed why they are the best team in the NBA.

The Lakers dominate without Kobe, they dominate without Bynum, they dominate without World Peace. They are just too damn good.

There’s no doubt that the Lakers are capable of winning another championship. We all know Stern will just give Metta World Peace a slap on the wrist and he’ll be back to his goonery, after sitting out a couple of games.

Damn its good to be a Laker fan. They just can’t lose.

Metta World Peace Needs to be Suspended for 25 games

What Metta World Peace did to James Harden was simply not acceptable in basketball. What he did is on par with the level of violence dished out by NHL goons, not NBA players.

Given Metta’s history with violence, he deserves the most stringent suspension that Stern can dish out. I don’t think 25 games is outrageous when we’re talking about somebody like Metta World Peace, who has committed violent acts on the court time after time. He saw an opportunity to knock out James Harden and used enough force that he could have paralyzed him. This attack by MWP is no worse than Kermit Washington’s hit on Rudy Tomjanovich face thirty some odd years ago. If that elbow landed in Harden’s face, Harden’s career probably would be over.

Sheridan v. Vecsey libel lawsuit settled out of court

Sheridan v. Vecsey libel lawsuit settled out of court.

Here’s what I wrote to the managing editor of in an e-mail: “As you understand from our conversations, I feel I must protect my reputation as a journalist. I have spent 24 years building it, and if I am to maintain my professional integrity, I must defend myself.”

So I rocked the boat at ESPN, my contract subsequently ended, and I no longer work there.

When Chris Sheridan left, I stopped visiting their NBA site basically all together.  ESPN’s NBA page has steadily declined, I believe, largely due to the void left by Chris Sheridan’s consistent and excellent coverage of the NBA.

I’m probably in the extreme minority of people who feel this strongly about Sheridan’s work, but this guy is a pure hoops journalist with a very intelligent and clear style of writing, not to mention his dead on sources and integrity.

I think anybody can relate to Sheridan, who probably had a decent pay with ESPN and many of its benefits that come with working for Disney, but at the end of the day, I’ve got nothing but praise for him for standing up to what’s right. He no longer felt happy at his job and he needed to regain control of his life.

I only recently started to follow and its by far the basketball site on the net.  Its filled a huge vacuum for me through its plethora of well written NBA articles.

I think NBA writing falls in two categories these days.  There’s the blogger style of writing that is not all that well polished or professional. And most bloggers, even if they’re covering their favorite teams in the locker rooms, are not going to have the same kind of connections a well traveled journalist of 20+ years.  On the other hand, professional writers tend to be limited in their discussion of either daring or interesting ideas about what’s really wrong or good about the game. Most of the better writers are working for gigantic corporations, and corporate guys tend to not want to rock the boat. Sheridan choose to rock the boat and ended up with his own site.

Stern was such a dick for calling out Sheridan during an NBA press conference. Stern should know better than to bring up a libel lawsuit that has nothing to do with NBA games, players or people employed by any of the professional basketball organizations. Sheridan decided to sue Peter Vecsey and lost his job over it. And Stern thought it would be appropriate to comment on an ongoing lawsuit during a public press conference about the NBA?

Beatl LA Live Update: Lakers 41, Spurs 43

The Spurs are up by 2, but heading towards another garbage Lakers victory. The Lakers will pull it out somehow, even if they’re down by 8 with 5 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter. They’ll get it done.

Duncan is old man. He tried to go one-on-one vs. Gasol in the 2nd quarter and got rejected. Gasol came back on the other end and scored on Duncan with a layup.

The officials are cheating again and just gave the Lakers an easy 2 points when the ref was rushed by Steve Blake into an extremely fast inbound pass. The ref played hot potato and just threw away the basketball in about half a second after he caught it.

The Lakers are playing with so much confidence and greatness, that it gave Kobe this huge grin throughout most of his time on the bench. I haven’t seen Kobe this happy since they won the 2010 NBA Finals.

Bill Simmons: “Lakers Keep Winning These Garbage Games”

Its rare to hear Bill Simmons be so on point about any specific sports topic, but in his April 16th podcast, everything he said sums up my fears about the LA Lakers title chances in the 2012 NBA Playoffs. His buddy Joe House was part of the conversation and contributed great points about how amazing the Lakers are this season.

Bill Simmons:
Yeah, but I mean the Lakers keep winning these garbage games where it seems like they should be blowing the game, but then you know, somehow something happens, they get a play, somebody misses. All of a sudden, they’ve pulled these out. They pulled out like ten of those. You got to give them credit.

Joe House:
I’m right there with you. You know what’s crazy is that these are depth wins, you know what mean? They are winning these game vs the other teams’ starters.

Bill Simmons:
The whole crappy starting cast argument no longer holds weight because of the way Barnes and Artest are playing. Both those guys are playing better, and Sessions.

Joe House:
And the impact of Sessions.

Bill Simmons:
When Kobe comes back, they’l have six guys who’ll you know will at least show up for every game. And then McRoberts, maybe I don’t know? I mean, can he give them 12 minutes?

Joe House:
Well the thing that I would say should be scary for the rest of the league is that Kobe from the bench is gaining trust in these guys. Right? So in these crunch time moments.

Joe House and Bill Simmons both agree that OKC is the only team that can dethrone the might Lakers. And then Bill Simmons said.

Bill Simmons:
And I think they (Lakers) can beat every other team in the West.

Beat LA Rapid Reaction: Lakers 112, Mavericks 108

I hate to be right so often but I was again correct today about the outcome of the Lakers-Mavericks contest. I predicted the Lakers would win this game, and win they did. Media darling Delonte West had a terrific first half, but overall had a negative impact on the game, finishing with a -5, which was the difference in the game.

Bynum shrugged off an awful start to finish with a Lakers game high of 23 points and 16 rebounds. The real reason the Lakers won today was because they played like a team. Without Kobe, they spread the scoring, with three starters topping 20+ points, plus another outstanding effort from my MVP Metta World Peace, who added 18 points. He’s become the best defensive player in the league again, just stripping opponents ball at will, as MWP displayed when he just took the candy out of Jason Kidd’s hands in the 3rd quarter.

I stopped watching the game when the score was 62-60 Mavs because I could see the signs of another amazing Lakers comeback. These guys are for real and are my favorites to win the West. Its going to be a Chicago-LA 1991 Finals rematch with the Bulls winning the title in 6 games.

The Lakers are 4-1 without Kobe in the lineup with very impressive wins over the Spurs and Mavs. Is there any doubt the Lakers are better without Kobe? There’s not a shred of doubt in my mind the Lakers could win a title without Kobe, as they did in 2010, when they won game 7 despite Kobe shooting 6-24.

Its really a sad day for Lakers haters. They have regained their mojo and are now the team to beat in the West. There’s really no point for me to watch another regular season Lakers game until Kobe returns. The Lakers will go undefeated without Kobe for the rest of the regular season. The 3rd seed is sealed for the Lake show.

Lakers vs. Mavericks: Why Lakers will win

1. Lakers own Dallas: Since getting swept by the eventual NBA Champs Mavs in the semi-finals last season, the Lake show has completely owned Dallas, winning the first three games this season. I fully expect LA to sweep the season series, and go 4-0 against Dallas.

2. Bynum and MWP: Since Kobe’s departure, Bynum has stepped up his game and played like the best Center in the league. MWP has found his fountain of youth and is unguardable in the post and dangerous from the three-point line. Combine MWP’s strong offensive game with his shutdown defensive play, and you got a top 20 NBA player in MWP.

3. No Kobe equals Victory: Lakers sure like to win when the Kobester sits out. They are 3-1 without their Captain and have historically been just as good winning percentage wise without Kobe in the lineup.

4. Jeff Caplan and Andy Kamenetzky, bloggers for their beloved Mavs and Lakers teams, both predicted that the Mavs will win this game outright. That’s an omen right there. These bloggers are still talking about the impact of Delonte West’s defense on the Lakers guards. I’m pretty sure Ramon Sessions will shred West to pieces should the Mavs be foolish enough to try that matchup. Even Ebanks will be a tough matchup for West because of Devin’s height and strength as a natural three.

Beat LA Reaction: Lakers 103, Nuggets 97

We want tacos!” That’s what I would be saying if I were in the imposing Staples Center. Lakers are now 3-1 without Kobe and again dominated the majority of the game.

Sure, the Nuggets got my hopes up when they made it 91-90 with 2:53 remaining, only to have Matt Barnes rip my heart out in three consecutive possessions. He made a three with the shot clock running out, hit 1/2 from the FT, then a dagger of a shot with 1:29 that finished off the Nuggets. Tonight, Barnes was on fire from the 3 point line (4-4), he didn’t miss even one attempt from 3.

Bynum finished with 30 pts, 8 rebounds and it looked like he barely broke a sweat.

Its time to anoint Bynum as the man on the Lakers and change Kobe’s role to the second fiddle. Lakers minus Kobe are more fun to watch and more devastating to their meek opponents.

Beat LA Lakers Live Update: Lakers 75, Nuggets 62

Yup, its over. In the 3rd quarter, Bynum woke up from his slumber and just decimated the puny Nuggets defense. Officially raising the white flag for the road warriors tonight. Lakers usually do well at home on Fridays anyways, except for that rare loss exactly one week ago to the Rockets. Those were the days.

And Ramon Sessions is once again contributing some nice minutes on the floor, albeit his 3 TOs.

Beat LA Lakers Live Update: Lakers 54, Nuggets 48

Sadly, Lakers are playing brilliant basketball once again, up 6 with two minutes plus remaining. They were up by 12+ earlier in the 2nd quarter, until the Nuggets started off on a little run.

Metta World Peace is killing it again. Leading the Lakers with 12 pts, plus 2 assists, and 2 steals. I really don’t want to hear Laker fans complain about MWP anymore. He’s amazing, terrific, and frightening to the opponents. MWP is hitting his 3s at an alarming rate, 2-4 so far in this game.

I’m close to calling it for Denver. I was close to raising the white flag earlier in the quarter, until their run. Denver has no inside game, and they’re not using their quickness and outside shooting. And they can’t stop MWP. Heading towards a loss real soon for the blue visitors.

Even Matt Barnes is hitting his 3s. Yuck.