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Pardon My French – November 13, 2010

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Picture of the Day « Bio Break

Picture of the Day « Bio Break.

Street Food in Taiwan: Pig’s Blood Cake | Serious Eats

A large part of Taiwanese cuisine is characterized by its street food culture, with carts and stalls occupying an obscene amount of real estate, pretty much anywhere there’s people. Cheap and plentiful, it exists as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. If anything, it’s like a second mom. It’s always there for you.

Now, it would almost seem like an insult if I actually tried to summarize what constitutes street food in Taiwan, given its wide range of tastes. Typical street food in Taiwan ranges from tempura to fried octopus tentacles to stinky tofu, but if there were one thing that could be considered Taiwanese through and through, it would be pig’s blood cake.

What is pig’s blood cake? It’s what you get when sticky rice gets drenched in pig’s blood, steamed, bathed in a pork soy broth (which is subtly sweet), rolled around in peanut flour, and topped with cilantro.

The resulting savory popsicle of rice and blood is as unique in texture as it is in flavor. The sticky rice becomes semi-gelatinous when mixed with pig’s blood, and becomes essentially a hybrid between rice cake and mochi, firm yet chewy. As for the flavor, the soy broth lends a deep rich pork flavor to an otherwise plain carrier of sauce, with the peanut flour lending a delightful sweetness, and the cilantro only amplifying (and complicating) it further. Truly an experience words can’t replicate.

—Nicholas Chen, My Inner Fatty

via Street Food in Taiwan: Pig’s Blood Cake | Serious Eats.

Looney Toons Killed the Comic Book Star | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Batman slammed into the rock face and fell to the road. The force of the impact cracked two ribs and dislocated his shoulder. Pulling himself to the wall, Batman could see it was covered in a thick coat of black paint. Yet moments before he observed a small desert bird run into the painted surface as if it were a tunnel.

Wheezing from his injuries, Batman leaned against the cliff face and, using it for leverage, painfully resocketed his arm. Resting against the wall he took stock of his situation. Since entering this alternate reality, he has been attacked mindlessly by most of the strange creatures encountered. They seemed to be immortal, and impervious to the random violence they commit. He barely escaped a depraved hunter with unlimited shotgun ammo, who thought he was a rabbit. He also avoided a variety of elaborate deathtraps set by a severely malnutritioned coyote. And he’s lost track of how many heavy objects have fallen randomly from the sky.

The ground shook beneath him. He turned to look at the cliff wall, and saw a light deep inside the painted surface. As it grew brighter, the shaking became more violent. He knew it was impossible, but by the time the train horn blew he was already reaching for his grappling gun. He only had seconds to pull himself to safety.

Batman was disheartened to discover that someone replaced his grappling gun with a lit stick of dynamite.

via Looney Toons Killed the Comic Book Star | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

A Clockwork Origin: I Can Make A Better Mural With My Butt

A Clockwork Origin is a true original. It’s already one of my favorite Futurama’s.

The chicken and the egg mindfuck has confounded people for ages, and now Futurama throws a curve ball into the creationists / evolutionists constantly evolving debates. Futurama at its best is all about satire, and in this episode, I laughed at the evolved Orangutan doctor, who represented Creationism. I laughed just as hard at Farnsworth, an old fart with vary questionable decision making skills, representing the ideals of science, intellectualism, and Evolutionism.

And a creator could also be a robot.

Then who built this so called creator robot? Some magical bearded robot in the sky?

I guess that would be stupid, never mind.