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Pardon My French: November 9, 2010

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A Met fan in MLB, a Free Agent fan in the NBA

I am a diehard Met fan, and have been every since 1988. That’s right, I came on board two years after 1986, their last World Series championship season.

I became a Met fan in ’88 because my family had just moved to Staten Island the year before in August, 1987. I was immediately thrown into a very Met friendly borough in Shaolin, and we moved into NYC right after the highs of 1986. Plus, the Yankee owner was a doofus who made dumb headlines in the Daily News, was constantly firing Billy Martin and had a last place team in 1990. So, yes I became a Met fan, but I bought damaged goods. It’s kinda like a young bride quickly finding out after her honeymoon period that her rich husband is a cheating scoundrel. And with me, I never saw 1986, but instead endured 1988. Man, those Dodgers games in the NLCS still haunt me. What a way to start a fanhood.

The year before we moved to S.I., my family lived in Alhambra, California. We were in heart of Lakerland, and all three of us, my two older brothers plus I, became infatuated with the 1986-87 Lakers. That was a tremendous season, and we were all hooked to become lifelong Laker fans, well, not really.

My two older brothers stayed on board the Lakershow, but only my middle brother became a nut. My oldest brother likes baseball more, and I think is not a huge fan of the NBA these days, outside of the Finals.

But with me, I jumped off the Lakeshow bandwagon in 2004. I realized I wasn’t a Laker fan anymore because I secretly enjoyed watching the Pistons trash the Lakers in the 2004 Finals. I was so sick of the Shaq-Kobe-Phil squabbles that I wanted the Lakers to go down.

Back in the 1990′s, my family lived in NYC. This was pre-internet, pre-NBA package, so it was impossible for me or my brothers to follow the Lakers everyday. In fact, we were temporarily Knick fans because we liked Pat Riley, who was the coach of our favorite showtime Laker teams.

But when Shaq signed with the Lakers in 1996, I immediately jumped on board back to being a Laker fan. When the Lakers dumped Shaq to Miami in 2004, I moved my fanhood along to South Beach. In the NBA, because I never got indoctrinated into one specific team, it became easy for me to just adopt teams along the way based on how much I liked or hated a particular player. I hate Kobe, so I hate the Lakers.

Truthfully speaking, in the last three years I have mainly been rooting for teams playing against Kobe and the Lakers. Sadly, only the Celtics in 2008 were able to knock off the mighty Kobe/Gasol combo.

For the upcoming 2010-11 season, I’m pretty psyched to see what LeBron and Wade are going to do together in Miami. I’m already a huge Wade fan, and it’ll be amazing to see Wade play alongside LeBron and just dominate the league. I’m also a huge Durant guy, but I think he needs another big time player to top Miami.

Oliver Perez: The invisible 25th man

Oliver Perez has not appeared in a game since August 1st against Arizona, where he gave up four runs, five hits, in 2 tidy innings. Met fans probably wish Ollie would just quietly go away, and disappear off the face of the Earth, kinda like Marty McFly’s siblings in the wallet picture in Back to the Future.

Tomorrow’s game against the Phillies will be on Aug. 15th, and if Jerry trots out Oliver in either a close late late inning game, or a big time blow-out, the boos raining down down on Ollie will be thunderous. It’ll be like 40,000+ against one; the loneliest guy being Oliver Perez. He’ll be standing in the middle of a huge crowd of angry, frustrated Met fans ready to eat him alive.

So most likely, Perez will miss tomorrow’s game as well. Since May 31st, when the Mets vanquished him to the DL, then Port St. Lucie for Extended Spring Training starts, Perez has only been used three times, twice against Arizona (July 21 and Aug 1), and once against the Dodgers (July 24). The Mets lost all three games Perez appeared in.

With Perez’ twelve million per year contract looming over his head like a big bullseye, the Mets have decided to stick him on the very very end of the bench. I know we all wish we were so lucky to collect twelve million per year, but it must be a strange existence for Ollie. Does he have any friends on the team? He is clearly not contributing, nor is he doing himself any good by sitting on the bench.

I suspect the Mets will eat both Ollie’s and Release Castillo‘s contract next year, and bring in Wally Backman as a cheap 800K per year Manager. I imagine if they could legally get Wally to do it for 20K, they would get their lawyers to draw up a contract in a heartbeat.

It’s no doubt been a tough going for the other 24 Mets forced to play one man short for the remainder of 2010. I tend to think about the future, though. Next season, they’ll have a fan favorite, no nonsense and hungry manager at the helm in Backman. They’ll have ten core players returning who are all from the Mets farm system. The future’s looking bright for once.

My NY Mets Journal Blog: A Colorful Win for R.A.Dickey!!!!!

Wow! Dickey stuns the Philies,  throwing a one hit shut out! Only hit came from pitcher, Cole Hamels.

via My NY Mets Journal Blog: A Colorful Win for R.A.Dickey!!!!!.

Mike Bloomberg’s front row seats at Citi Field

Mike Bloomberg‘s front row seats at Citi Field tonight against the Phillies, August 13th, 2010.

Bloomberg sure looked out of place sitting next to two dark skinned people. The kid has a nice attitude, and you could clearly see Bloomberg and the kid in a deep conversation, with a lot of gesturing and popcorn eating by both Bloomberg and the kid.

I wonder if this is some kind of PR move by Bloomberg. Get some nice pictures of him being friendly to a black kid, and talking with the common people.

Misch on Saturday: Oh thank god, this means Ollie’s not gonna start!!!

Pat Misch is getting the start this Saturday against the Phillies at Citi Field. Oh thank god, this means Ollie’s not gonna start this Saturday against Halladay. Met fans rejoice!

Jerry Manuel has confirmed that left-hander Pat Misch will make Saturday’s start against the Philadelphia Phillies opposite Roy Halladay. Because Francisco Rodriguez also will be activated from the restricted list for Saturday’s return, the Mets will need to clear two bullpen spots.

It’s probably worth noting that Elmer Dessens has not been used since Aug. 1, the same day Oliver Perez last appeared, too.

Misch went 11-4 with a 3.23 ERA in 23 starts for Triple-A Buffalo. In his most recent outing, Tuesday against the Phillies’ Triple-A Lehigh Valley affiliate, he tossed five scoreless innings while throwing 55 pitches.

Regarding why Misch had not received a shot earlier in the season, Manuel said: “A lot of times if you’re, say, left-handed, and the left-handed hitters have a higher average against you than the right-handed hitters, and you’re not a guy that let’s say lights up the gun, those types of things, you have to really be lights out with all the other parts of the game. You’re one of those guys who has to continue to prove that time-in and time-out. I think that’s what he’s done. He’s proven he can get it done.”

via Jerry: Misch on Saturday – Mets Blog – ESPN New York.

‘Man Up’: Words that sparked K-Rod’s fury in Mets closer’s alleged assault of girlfriend’s father

The one-sided fight began when Carlos Peña challenged Rodriguez’s manhood and insulted his mother after the crazed closer began shouting about the latest Mets loss, police sources told the Daily News.

“Stop acting like a baby,” one source quoted Peña as telling the volatile Rodriguez inside a Citi Field lounge designated for players’ families. “Man up, and play better.”

K-Rod’s mother told Peña to keep his mouth shut, prompting a screaming match in Spanish between the pair, the source said.

“You can’t talk to my mami that way!” Rodriguez shouted before landing the first of many punches in the Wednesday night mismatch.

via ‘Man Up’: Words that sparked K-Rod’s fury in Mets closer’s alleged assault of girlfriend’s father.

In Josh Thole, Mets have a bright future

Big job by Josh Thole, catching all nine innings of Santana’s brilliant complete game 4-0 against the Rockies at Citi Field. I like what he brings to the plate as a young hitter. I sure hopes he stays around for a few more years in a Met uniform.

Consternation is a good way to describe the current state of being a Met fan. On the one hand, our present looks very bleak. We’re tied to Castillo and Perez for one season plus fifty games at a whole crap load of money and management sees no reason to get rid of them for nothing.

The Madoff scandal may have affected Wilpon’s financial fortunes much more than he is letting on. I suspect this to be true, although I have no evidence. What evidence I do have is an owner suddenly worried about a few millions here and there.

Unlike most Met fans this past season, I was not upset when they didn’t go after any mid-level free agent or go after the big trade. A big trade would have meant letting go of nice pieces and I like to keep my Niese’s and Davis’ and Thole’s.

Look what the Mets are building for 2011 and beyond. A homegrown Met at six key positions. The entire infield in Thole, Davis, Tejada, Reyes, Wright, and Martinez in the outfield. That’s the foundation of a championship right there. And if you want to keep Pagan at CF, that’s seven everyday Mets that started in their organization.

Mike Francesa has been riling up the callers by suggesting frequently that Wright or Reyes should be traded for other blue chips. I disagree vehemently with him on this one because Wright and Reyes are my favorite Mets. I know Straw and Doc were Hall of Fame type players, but they were also Coke heads.

All the Mets need is for Bay to get back to some level of production and for Martinez to finally grow up, and the Mets have a solid young foundation for the next four years. With their budget, they could easily add another high caliber pitcher, reliever, and outfielder. And remember Daniel Murphy? He must still have some value, right?

The Mets are basically a .500 team in 2010. Vegas pegged the Mets at 80.5 wins to start the season. I had them at under, and my bet is basically about right. They will end up with 79-80 wins to end the season. Met fans just don’t want to be realistic but that’s all the bullets they have in the chamber at this moment.

We all like to question Jerry’s managerial decisions now and then, but overall he’s not bad at all. The players are mostly at fault. Manny Acosta? Oliver Perez? Ouch.

The Yankee back to back championship teams of the 1970s were built when George Steinbrenner was suspended for two years. Then the Yankee champs of the 1990s were built when George was suspended in the early 1990s. So as a Met fan, I reckon that a Met dynasty is currently being constructed because our owner is a few thousand dollars away from bankruptcy. I may have more money than Wilpon in my bank account by 2012 with the way the Mets are losing money at the gate, but I like what that’s meant to the development of their core ten: Thole, Davis, Tejada, Reyes, Wright, Martinez, Pagan, Niese, Pelfrey, and Dickey.

Francisco Rodriguez charged Third Degree Assault

It must suck bad to wake up one morning and realized you’ve been charged with a third degree assault against your babies’ mama’s daddy, after your team lost a tough game, leading with four outs left, only to get blown away by another grand slam homer by an opponent, this time it was Colorado’s Melvin Mora.

What happened after last night’s game is on most Met fans’ minds because this one is a bit strange. You have a gathering of a bunch of Met players and their families after a tough loss. I imagine Frankie could be the type of person that is constantly fighting with his closest relatives. And this time, he was unfortunate enough to apparently do it in front of Jon Niese’s wife (or GF according to other reports).

Pretty indepth interview with WFAN’s Steve Kallas, covering various pertinent angles.

Lucky for Frankie’s ass, he wasn’t charged with first or second degree assault, which would have been a lot worse, like felony or something. I’m trying my best to sound like an attorney, but I’m just basically transcribing what I’m learning through the interview.

Here are some of the facts, and some strong ass opinion:

  1. Frankie was also charged with

    harassment in the second degree, which is not even as bad as assault in the third degree. harassment in the second degree is only a violation,” Steve Kallas

  2. A third degree assault is a misdemeanor, which could result in up to a year in jail.
  3. Frankie’s common-law mother, who is his babies’ mama’s mama was at the scene of the incident as a witness, but is not a victim of the attacks.
  4. Frankie has a restraining order from his GF and his GF’s dad. Frankie was allowed to go home with guards to pick up his belongings.
  5. Frankie and his GF have twin daughters.
  6. Frankie was placed in the holding cell at Citi Field, which is usually reserved for drunks that they need to lock up at the stadium.
  7. Frankie’s fourth incident in his short season and a half with the Mets. Frankie vs. Bruney, Frankie vs. Bernazard, Frankie vs. bullpen coach ( I don’t even care to look up his name)
  8. The victim is not Frankie’s father-in-law. Frankie is not married to his babies’ mama. A more vague lawyer term would be to call him his father-common-in-law.
  9. K-Rod is a big strong athlete in the prime of his life. The reports are he pinned him up against the wall with his hand and punched him repeatedly in the face. So I think originally it was just a one punch deal. He did go to the hospital although apparently his injuries wasn’t all that serious which again is why it was an assault in the third degree.” Steve Kallas


Beltran critical, supportive of K-Rod – Mets Blog – ESPN New York

“I talked to my wife after the game and she sounded nervous,” Beltran said. “I said, ‘What happened?’ She said, ‘I’ll talk to you later about what happened.’ She told me about the incident and all that. It’s disappointing, man. You don’t want to see no one go through that. But it is what it is. Now he has to deal with that situation. Us, as players, as teammates, even though we don’t agree with what he did, we have to support him. He’s part of the ballclub. He’s going to come here and do his thing.”

Asked about the team-imposed two-game suspension of Rodriguez, Beltran added: “No one should act like that. It doesn’t matter if the team did whatever it did. No one should act like that. I think that’s something as players, that’s why every step you take forward you have to know what you’re doing. To me, I do [think] he feels sorry. He feels sorry about what happened. But it’s too late.”

As for the incident happening in the family area at Citi Field, Beltran added: “You don’t want nothing like this to happen at the ballpark. Everyone has family issues. We all have family issues. But family issues should be addressed at the house — not near the ballpark, nor at the place where you work. It’s something that happened. It’s unfortunate.”

via Beltran critical, supportive of K-Rod – Mets Blog – ESPN New York.